On 23 December 2014 Machinery of Government changes were announced.

These changes include the transfer of the Skills responsibilities to the newly established Department of Education and Training.

Further details are outlined in the Administrative Arrangements Orders.

Australian Apprenticeships Centres

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Australian Apprenticeships Centres are contracted by the Australian Government to provide one-stop shops for those seeking to hire Australian Apprentices* or to take up an Australian Apprenticeship as a career path.

Australian Apprenticeships Centres:

  • Provide assistance to employers, Australian Apprentices and training providers throughout the duration of the Australian Apprenticeship
  • Market and promote Australian Apprenticeships in the local area
  • Administer incentive payments to employers and personal benefits to Australian Apprentices
  • Work with the State and Territory Training Authorities to provide an integrated service
  • Establish effective relationships with Job Services Australia providers, Group Training Organisations, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), schools and community organisations  

Australian Apprenticeships Centres provide information, administration services and support to employers and Australian Apprentices.

They assist with the signing of training contracts and also, assess, approve and process the payment of Australian Government incentives to eligible employers, and personal benefits to eligible Australian Apprentices specifically to assist them in the early years of their Australian Apprenticeship when their wages are generally at their lowest.

Australian Apprenticeships Centres also provide information which may assist employers and/or Australian Apprentices with Australian Apprenticeships placements.

Australian Apprenticeships Centres will be able to refer such enquiries to appropriate organisations such as Job Placement Organisations and Group Training Organisations who will be able to assist them with their enquiries.

Where can I go for more information?

You can visit an Australian Apprenticeships Centre  - they operate from more than 300 sites across Australia.

To find your local Australian Apprenticeships Centre, simply type your postcode into the Australian Apprenticeships Centre search or call 13 38 73.

If you are a school student thinking of starting an Australian Apprenticeship while still at school, your school careers adviser should be your first point of call for information on Australian Apprenticeships.

If you still require further information, an Australian Apprenticeships Centre in your region may be able to help.

*In some states, Australian Apprenticeships are known as apprenticeships and traineeships. In the ACT and the NT they are referred to as Australian Apprenticeships.

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