The Apprenticeship Training – alternative delivery pilots consists of five industry-led pilot projects. These pilots will explore opportunities to encourage broader industry adoption of models which support the delivery of entry level and qualified trades people into the labour market.

The pilots are designed to learn more about opportunities and barriers to increased industry usage, acceptance and validation of alternative apprenticeship training delivery arrangements.

Pilots are being funded under two streams:

  • Stream One pilots represent industry sectors vital to the national economy and will trial innovative training models for traditional trade apprenticeships. Projects are being delivered by Master Builders Australia, National Electrical and Communications Association and North East Vocational College.

  • Stream Two pilots will deliver higher level apprenticeships, at the diploma or associate degree level.  Projects are being delivered by the Australian Industry Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The pilots have commenced and will be evaluated to assess increased industry validation and their potential to be adopted more broadly by industry.

For more information please refer to the documents below. The Department of Education and Training can be contacted at