Diploma of Hospitality Managament

As a high school student, Andrew Martini did not enjoy his studies. He concedes he was a mediocre student, passing his subjects and showing up every day only because he felt he had to.

At the end of Year 11, he moved interstate and was told that due to the move, he wouldn’t be able to finish high school without repeating a year.

Rather than spending another two years finishing high school, Andrew decided to seek out a career that would involve working with food so he enrolled in a Diploma of Hospitality Management.

“Against the advice of my teachers and career counsellor at school, I entered into a line of study that I loved and that I was passionate about,” Andrew said.

His instincts were right – he was finally enthusiastic and excited about being in a classroom.

“I loved showing up to every class,” he said.

“Vocational Education and Training taught me life skills; we had assignments that related to the real world, we had to interact with the public, as well as learning how to budget and to be efficient.”

Andrew found out about WorldSkills Australia, and began competing; training before and after class each day, and during his lunch breaks.

“Once I started training for WorldSkills my trainer would bring me into his classes so that I could get to see different ways to do the same skill,” Andrew said.

His hard work paid off, and Andrew won a gold medal in the Restaurant Service category at the WorldSkills Australia 2018 National Championships.

Andrew said he wants to display how vocational training can lead to successful employment and career opportunities.

“If you are passionate about what you do and are willing to put in the hard work, go for it,” he said.

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