‘Life-changing’ is no cliché

Ariel Joy Yokota, winner of Queensland’s Trainee of the Year Award and finalist in the 2015 Australian Training Awards, almost threw it all in at the start of her traineeship.

Having left school after Year 10, Ariel was 17 when she moved 1000 kilometres from her family for a job at the Functional Assessment and Behavioural Interventions Centre (FABIC).

 “I didn’t make the transition well, I felt I wasn’t performing and I suggested to my employer that I should leave,” says Ariel.

But an Australian Apprenticeship includes a commitment by an employer and a training organisation to support the trainee, and that’s what Ariel received.

Ariel’s employer encouraged her to re-evaluate her situation.

“I considered myself an accountable person and I knew if I left I wouldn’t feel complete.”

That was the beginning of ‘the shift’ for Ariel. With the support of her ‘personal trainer’ from her registered training organisation, Evocca Workplace Training, Ariel’s learning and work progressively improved until today her employer says that she can see her as a future manager of the business.

Ariel loves the way her training in her Certificate III in Business Administration was delivered. She couldn’t get away from work to class and knew distance learning wasn’t for her. Instead, a trainer from Evocca visited every three weeks, working through her studies with her.

“It was a great opportunity to reflect on work and the theory behind that work,” says Ariel.

She now confidently takes in her stride long days of juggling diverse office responsibilities. Ariel loves administration and would like to go further in management, so has completed a Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

However, from seeing the changes that her employer’s services make in people’s lives, she’s also considering becoming a behaviour specialist further down the track.

Ariel believes that it was her traineeship, with its combination of work and training, that helped her persevere, grow and become a more accountable and responsible adult.

 In 2015 she was appointed an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador for the Australian Government.

If you are interested in an Australian Apprenticeship and how to get started, download An Australian Apprenticeship - Endless Career Possibilities brochure or contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.

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