Taking the leap to success

In his short career in Business Administration Ben Nedwich has notched up a long string of awards.

Announced as Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year at the 2016 Australian Training Awards, his reaction was one of ‘total surprise’. But for anyone who had seen Ben in action the award wouldn’t have come as such a shock.

Already, Ben had proven to be a high achiever, receiving the Sunrise Rotary TAFE Queensland East Coast Trainee/Apprentice of the Year Award 2015, the Overall Student of the Year Award 2015 and Gold Medal in the Business Services Section of the WorldSkills Australia National Competition in 2016.

Ben’s delight with his success is not just for himself but for putting his hometown of Bundaberg on the map as a provider of the highest quality training and workforce.

“It exemplifies to me that it doesn’t matter where you’re located—it’s the quality of training that counts,” said Ben.

“I certainly couldn’t have achieved what I have without the people around me who have supported and trained me, all the while being very generous in imparting their knowledge and experience. They are a huge part of my success.”

Clearly, Ben has come a very long way since setting out as a macadamia farmer several years ago.

“Macadamia farming wasn’t exactly a life goal of mine. I wanted to do something that to me was more worthwhile, so I took the big leap to a career in administration. The awards I have won affirm that I made the right decision,” said Ben.

Ben undertook a Certificate III in Business Administration while completing his traineeship at Bundaberg Regional Council.

He found his training an ideal way to combine practice and theory while gaining a qualification which would provide an excellent launching pad for further learning and career progression.

“The greatest part of my traineeship was the constant learning curve; I have endeavoured to learn new things every day to further my knowledge in as many areas as possible,” he said.

On the strength of his output and reputation within the Council, Ben has subsequently been offered a full-time position with the Council. His long-term goal is to rise to an elected position so he can make a difference in the community.

For now, as an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador, Ben is keen to be a champion for apprenticeships and young people.

“I think it’s really important to do whatever I can to highlight the importance and benefits of training,” said Ben.

“I’ve seen first-hand how quality training can benefit people and turn their lives around. My goal is to spread that message far and wide so that other people can enjoy the same opportunities that I have had.”

If you are interested in an Australian Apprenticeship and how to get started, download An Australian Apprenticeship - Endless Career Possibilities brochure or contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.

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