Certificate III in Engineering

Growing up on a farm in the small town of Tottenham, NSW, Clinton Larkings knew two things: he wanted to do an apprenticeship in fitting and turning, and he would have to move to do so.

Clinton moved to Dubbo when he secured an apprenticeship with Luke Cross Engineering and Rigging.

While he gained a high ATAR that would have given him a choice of courses to study at university, for Clinton it was a no-brainer. He wanted to do an apprenticeship.

“I’ve always liked to make things since I was a kid, and coming from a farm, I’ve got lots of experience already in that department,” he said.
No stranger to TAFE, Clinton started night classes in welding while he was still in Year 10. He also travels to Orange TAFE for a three-day stint, eight times a year as part of his apprenticeship.

“TAFE has been enjoyable and closely relates what I do at work in theory, as well as the practical,” he said.

Clinton loves his work and is grateful to be in a work environment where he feels supported and where he is constantly learning new things.

“I work in a really good work place and the people are always there to support me and teach me different techniques.”

“There is a great range of skills covered in my apprenticeship, and now I can make a variety of parts.”

Clinton is grateful every day that he chose to follow his heart and pursue an apprenticeship.

“It’s definitely worth it,” he said.

“An apprenticeship is so rewarding and useful, and can lead to so many different opportunities. It can even send you all over the world if you want it to.”

After winning the gold medal for Turning at the WorldSkills Australia 2018 National Championships in Sydney in 2018, on Australia Day 2019 Clinton received a young citizen award for the Tottenham/Albert area for his efforts at WorldSkills.

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