Certificate II in Retail Services

Constance Perry is currently in Year 12 studying at Hellyer College and is completing her Certificate II in Retail Services as a school-based trainee. Her traineeship is at a family-owned clothing store, Lizzy’s This and That in Smithton. As well as her academic studies, Constance is also undertaking a Certificate II in Tourism.

She chose to do her school-based traineeship as an alternative year 12 course so she could further her skills and knowledge in her workplace and apply this to any other career in the future. Since beginning her traineeship Constance has been motivated to work towards her Tasmanian Certificate of Education whilst also learning valuable skills and gaining nationally recognised qualifications.

Constance makes the most out of life and one of her goals is to be in a service-related career, where she is working and interacting with other people.

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