Career changes can lead to amazing roles working with remote communities

As a mature-age trainee, Daniel Kelty proved an outstanding role model in the Telstra Traineeship Program.

Changing from a sales career at the age of 36, he fast tracked his four-year traineeship and within two years successfully obtained Certificate III and IV in Telecommunications - Network Engineering.

Daniel’s six-monthly training rotations across a range of telecommunication disciplines paired him with an experienced mentor and provided knowledge, hands-on experience and support to help him complete his qualifications.

His commitment to high quality service and attention to detail proved invaluable in the installation and maintenance of data and wireless networks and encouraged fellow trainees to perform at the highest standard.

Daniel’s traineeship assignment to install mobile networks to rural communities in northern NSW confirmed for him that the skills and knowledge he learnt in his traineeship can benefit a whole community.

He advocates to other mature-age workers considering a career move that the hard work and risks are worth it.

Daniel was recognised for his outstanding contribution to vocational education and training at the 2016 Australian Training Awards where he was a finalist for the Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year Award after being named winner of this category in his home state of New South Wales.

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