A zinger of a career

At age 15, David Failla was a fan of KFC’s ‘great taste’ and joined the company as a team member in customer service.

Little did he know that he would go on to have a successful management career at the company by completing an Australian Apprenticeship in retail management.

At 24, David is the General Manager of KFC Villawood, and is responsible for the work of more than 20 team members in the store.

“I’ve always been interested in pursuing business studies of some kind," David said.

"The traineeship helped me develop skills in leadership, teamwork and how to run a business."

David mentors trainees in his store, and has won KFC Australia Area Awards for his methods of training and development.

“When I started the traineeship learned practical skills like how to set out work goals, set realistic deadlines and achieve them,” he said.

Since completing his traineeship, David won a national award for his studies – the Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year Award at the 2012 Australian Training Awards and was offered a place at University of Wollongong to study a Graduate Certificate of Retail Management.

“When I finished school, my UAI was not high enough to get into business studies at University. But after my traineeship, they were offering me a place.

“It’s amazing what a few years of on the job training and experience makes!” David said.

To see David on the job at KFC, watch The Restaurant Manager: David’s Story.

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