A natural with children

A babysitter for family members as a teenager, Ellen Cameron–Irving has always had a natural affinity for the care and wellbeing of children.

When deciding on her future career, Ellen knew children’s services was where she wanted to be.
With this career path in mind, Ellen undertook an Australian School-based Apprenticeship at age 17, completing a Certificate III in Children’s Services.
“Working with children was something I always wanted to do," Ellen said.

"My college was really supportive and arranged for me to undertake an Australian School-based Apprenticeship to allow me a head start on my career."
At the end of 2012, Ellen graduated with her Victorian Certificate of Education.

Following this, she was awarded for her outstanding achievements being crowned the Victorian School-based Apprentice of the Year and was a finalist at the 2012 Australian Training Awards.
“I enjoyed my Australian School-based Apprenticeship so much that I am now undertaking Bachelor of Social Work at RMIT, with a focus on child welfare while I am employed full-time in a childcare centre,” she said.
Now 19, Ellen credits her Australian School-based Apprenticeship with the start she needed for a successful career.
“My Australian School-based Apprenticeship gave me a really good picture of what my career would be, and together with the degree, I feel I soon will have what it takes to be a leader in children’s services one day,” she said.
Ellen has this advice for high school students contemplating their career.
“An Australian School-based Apprenticeship is a great way to ensure you complete your Year 12 studies, but gain valuable work experience where you are supported by your teachers," she said.

"Ask your career adviser about what’s on offer, there are loads of different courses."

If you are interested in an Australian Apprenticeship and how to get started, download An Australian Apprenticeship - Endless Career Possibilities brochure or contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.

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