Confidence, qualification result of traineeship

Emma Forrester faced the same dilemma that many teenagers encounter – what to do after secondary school.

The 22-year-old said she was ‘very unsure’ of what career to pursue.

“University was an option, but I did not want to make a financial and long-term commitment to something that I may not end up enjoying,” Emma said.

“Choosing a traineeship allowed me to physically work in the environment related to my training and earn money at the same time.”

Emma completed a Certificate III in Business midway through 2014 and is on-track to complete a Certificate IV in Frontline Management in 2015.

She remains with host employer Nuseed in Horsham, Victoria thanks to her group training organisation Workco Limited – and was also part of the 2014 intake to Group Training Australia’s Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders Program.

“I learned from experienced people in a working environment and came out the other side with loads of confidence and a qualification," she said.

“A traineeship is more than a piece of paper, it could be the key to your dream job, especially when you are unsure of your future.

“My traineeship allowed me to dip my toe into the agriculture industry and remain close to home.

“It is essential to have an open mind, a good attitude, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.”

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