Certificate III in Hairdressing

From little dreams, big dreams grow

A lot of little girls dream of being a hairdresser when they grow up. And there the story ends. Gaby Ware dreamed of being a hairdresser when she grew up. And so the story begins.

“For as long as I can remember I loved getting my hair done, playing with other people’s hair, going to the hairdressing salon and watching the hairdressers work,” said Gaby. “I couldn’t wait to get started and be like them. I began work experience in Year 10, completed my apprenticeship two years later and today I am still working at the salon where it all began, Milan’s Hairdressing in Port Macquarie.”

Clearly, hairdressing was meant to be Gaby’s destiny. She has been so successful in her chosen career that she won gold in the National WorldSkills Australia 2016 competition and has been selected to be part of the skills squad vying to represent Australia at the WorldSkills international competition in Abu Dhabi in October 2017.

“I never dreamt that what I always wanted to do would lead me to WorldSkills but I’m so glad it has,” said Gaby. Training for the opportunity has already begun, inside and outside of working hours, with the aim of reaching 25 training hours per week.

Gaby’s advice for any other little girl who makes good on a hairdressing dream is to ‘be patient and put in the effort’. “It can be pretty hard work for an apprentice running around after the seniors, but if you put in the effort, the seniors will pay that back by teaching and putting time into you.”

After already working within the industry for five years, Gaby loves making a client feel happy and confident by giving them a new and refreshed hair style. “Someone can come in who’s not having a good day and go out on a high because of their hair. It’s really satisfying to be able to do that for them.

“My goal is to keep growing my client base with a longer term view to perhaps having my own salon, but for now, my focus is on training, building a solid foundation, and being the best I can be in the lead up to WorldSkills 2017."

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