Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

When a false start leads to a positive end

When an application for an apprenticeship landed in the lap of Haydn Booth what else could he do, but seize the opportunity it presented? Lacking any motivation to complete his degree at University, it was the circuit breaker Haydn needed to change the course of his life.

“I was half-way through an IT degree but it was very broad based, and I could see no tangible goal or outcome at the end of it,” said Haydn. “I really only went to University because we were pushed in that direction at school, but I’d have been much better off doing something more practically based. So when a friend of mine dropped an application for an apprenticeship in my lap and said ‘here, give this a go,’ I thought, ‘why not’.”

Haydn is now in the fourth year of his electrotechnology apprenticeship with Coffs Harbour City Council. He loves the variety and broad scope of the work and being part of a small supportive team.  “Learning on the job really works for me, as does the problem-solving side of things,” said Haydn. “I’m working towards an outcome, and at the end of the day I can tick off what I’ve accomplished.”

After a slight ‘false start’ on his post school pathway, Haydn couldn’t be happier with where his apprenticeship has led him. “It suits me down to the ground,” he said. “If someone had said to me at school that doing an apprenticeship is just as good as going to University I would have jumped at it. You’re paid to learn and from what I’ve heard the money you can make when you’re qualified is comparable to what you’d make with a degree.”

Another important consideration for Haydn is the flexibility his apprenticeship offers. Soon to marry, his fiance is a teacher and needs to accept work wherever it becomes available. “Once you’re qualified you have the flexibility to travel and work wherever you choose, so I can go wherever my fiance’s work takes us,” said Haydn. “I feel like I have the power to shape our future according to our circumstances and I have my apprenticeship to thank for that.”

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