Redundancy no barrier for Isaac

At 33 years old, Isaac Woznitza found himself redundant, and out of a job. With a young family to support, no formal qualifications but a strong a desire to enter the trades, Isaac found a solution in an Australian Apprenticeship.

After having some basic office experience, and some work experience with scaffolding and crane work in the mining industry, Issac had seen some interesting careers along the way, and soon the vision of becoming a qualified boilermaker was in his sights.

“I knew it was going to be a pay drop, but I also knew I was getting paid to train for my future career. And you don’t get paid to go to university!” Isaac said.

With the support of an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider, Busy at Work, Isaac secured employment and an Australian Apprenticeship with Extreme Engineering in Gladstone, Queensland.

Because of his previous experience, maturity and eagerness, Isaac was able to start learning on the tools straight away and was fast tracked through his Australian Apprenticeship. Within 2 years, Isaac was employed as a qualified tradesman at Walz Construction in Gladstone.

Isaac now has a career that he loves, in an industry that has a sustainable future.

“My apprenticeship greatly improved my chances of employment. Redundancy was not easy. But with a little research, I found there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to believe in yourself, and dedicate some time to retrain.

“It may seem daunting at first – to start over again in your thirties, forties or even fifties! But you won’t regret doing an apprenticeship. It can be just the start of a really great journey. Not just the learning aspect, but having something at the end of the day that means something – to your family, and to you,” Isaac said.

If you are interested in an Australian Apprenticeship and how to get started, download An Australian Apprenticeship - Endless Career Possibilities brochure or contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.

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