Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Give of your best, and be set for success

With a career proceeding in leaps and bounds, Jake Hiscock’s commitment to giving of his best is the foundation of his success. Having lucked into a field he loves, he now can’t imagine doing anything else.

“I always wanted to do an apprenticeship, but I wasn’t sure in which trade,” said Jake. “When I was casting around for ideas, I heard that an apprenticeship was going at the local car repair business, Lismore Car Repairs. I was offered a trial and after a couple of days I knew that was what I wanted to do. The trial was supposed to last three months but I was offered an apprenticeship after a couple of weeks.”

Jake’s success in securing a speedy apprenticeship offer was matched by his speedy passage through his TAFE studies. Having worked for a couple of months before TAFE started, he hit the ground running and was fast tracked by his teacher.  He was soon to justify his teacher’s confidence in his abilities by winning a number of awards: the TAFE Apprentice of the Year, the Norm Beaton Award for Best Auto Mechanic Apprentice, and the jewel in the crown, a Gold Medal at the 2016 WorldSkills National Competition.

“I had no idea when I went into WorldSkills what a life-changing experience it was going to be,” said Jake. “I had a fairly laid back approach and just went into it to enjoy it rather than thinking I was going to win. As it turned out, WorldSkills was an amazing journey and I’m so glad I did it.”

Jake’s success in WorldSkills led to many job offers, but he says he is happy with his current position, largely because he sees it as a long term proposition.

“When I was tossing up what to do, I was lucky to find the right trade and something that I could feel passionate about,” said Jake. “I wanted much more than having a job just to make a quid, I wanted to be able to build my knowledge, and have something to show for my work. I have been able to tick all those boxes thanks to my apprenticeship, and perhaps the biggest tick of all is that my boss has indicated he will offer me a share in the business. I can see where my pathway is leading, and that’s to a rewarding future. 

“To anyone else thinking about doing a trade I’d say think of it as a career, not just something to make money, be prepared to learn, be positive, be open minded and give of your best. If you do all that, you can’t go wrong.”

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