Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture

It’s a wise son who listens to his mum…

It’s often said that mothers know best, and Jason Nesbitt would have to agree with that statement when it comes to his own mum—at least with regard to career choices! Observed from an early age as a child who loved playing with beads and patterns, his mum told him he should be a jeweller. The suggestion stuck, and when Jason tried work experience at a jewellers in Year 11 and loved it, his pathway was clear.

“I’m better with my hands than books,” said Jason, “and never really saw myself going to University. I wanted to do something that also had a creative side to it, and given my interest (and my Mum’s advice!), jewellery was the perfect choice for me.”  

As it turns out, Jason was also the perfect choice for the jewellery industry. Excelling as an apprentice, Jason was awarded a Gold Medal in jewellery at the 2016 WorldSkills National Competition. “It was a case of second time lucky, as I’d gone into the competition in 2014,” said Jason. “Although I was still nervous in 2016, I had gained in confidence and it helped to know I was among the six best in my field. WorldSkills was an awesome experience—I made some good friends and it really helped to build my skills.”

Jason is now a fully qualified jeweller, working as a goldsmith at Egoli Place of Gold in Duncraig, Western Australia. He cites as essential ingredients for success in his field, patience, attention to detail, creativity, ability to draw and good communication skills.

Together with the industry skills which have helped him achieve so much in a short time, Jason credits his apprenticeship for helping him to grow as a person and gain good life skills. “I used to be a really nervous, shy kid, but my apprenticeship knocked that out of me. A couple of years ago I would never have expected to say that one of the positive aspects of my job is dealing with customers. But when you’re working in this field you’re forced to talk—if you’re not good with customers you won’t get the work, so it’s just as well that now I’m really comfortable interacting with people,” he said.

His advice for anyone who’s ‘not into study’ is to give an apprenticeship a go. “It’s the best thing if you’re a hands-on person—plus, the fact that you’re paid to learn means you can’t go wrong,” he said. “Oh and perhaps the final piece of advice is to listen to your mum—they usually know best!”

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