Living the dream

Leigh McGennisken does not view his Australian Apprenticeship as work.

The 20-year-old, who grew up on a farm, spends his days working on agricultural machinery – something he did in his childhood for fun.

He is completing a Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology through WorkCo Ltd and O’Connors Farm Machinery in Horsham, Victoria.

"If you are doing something you love, you never work a day in your life,” Leigh said.

“I have enjoyed every minute of my apprenticeship – it has taught me how to work with other people and new technical skills that I have for life.

“My employer has given me more responsibility - I supervise some of the younger apprentices and I even have my own company vehicle.”

Leigh was part of Group Training Australia’s Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders Program in 2013 after progressing to his Australian Apprenticeship via work experience and casual work during secondary school, and after completing an Australian School-based Apprenticeship in Year 11.

He has this advice for potential Australian Apprentices.

“When you find a trade that you are interested in, go right ahead and ask organisations if they will train you or take you on,” he said.

“You have nothing to lose and you might find, like me, it is the best choice you ever made.”

If you are interested in an Australian Apprenticeship and how to get started, download An Australian Apprenticeship - Endless Career Possibilities brochure or contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.

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