With a love for all things horticulture and a passion for cricket it was only natural that international cricketer Nathan Lyon would decide on a career as a greenkeeper after finishing school.

Nathan undertook his Australian Apprenticeship in Horticulture (Turf) at historic Manuka Oval in Canberra while continuing his promising junior cricket career.

Nathan places a very high value on his apprenticeship.

"I’m very lucky that through my green keeping apprenticeship a few different alley ways have opened up, and I’ve been able to jump off the apprenticeship bandwagon through my cricket career but I’m very grateful for the Australian Apprenticeship.”

It was while working as the Assistant Curator at Adelaide Oval in 2011 that his off-spin bowling talents were noticed. Offering his services as a net bowler during breaks from his green keeping duties, Nathan so impressed the South Australian Cricket Team Coach that he was playing Sheffield Shield cricket just seven months later.

Now Australia's greatest ever off spinner, Nathan is held in very high regard by his peers and coaches and is a role model for young cricketers, mentoring and aiding their cricketing and personal development skills.

"My one piece of advice to all apprentices out there is to stick it through, because there's obviously different venues, different opportunities that's going to open up once you get your certificate."

Listen to Nathan’s views on the value of an Australian Apprenticeship.

Nathan also visited DLS Kitchens in Melbourne to have a chat with fellow cricket player and apprentice cabinet maker Lachie.

If you are interested in an Australian Apprenticeship and how to get started, download An Australian Apprenticeship - Endless Career Possibilities brochure or contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.

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