Certificate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade)

Nicole doesn't know if it was her childhood or if it was just her personality that allowed her to follow a non-traditional career path. Reflecting back to her youth, Nicole remembers the turmoil and confusion that comes with teenage years. She was an average student yet hated school, to get her attention the subjects needed to be creative and working with her hands.

With no career direction in mind, Nicole's careers advisor went through various ideas, Vet, Chef, Nursing, Lawyers, office worker…none caught her attention.  

It wasn't until Year 9 when she chose the subject metalwork, completing a Certificate II in Engineering, that a spark was ignited. This is what she wanted to do, in some form, somehow she was going to shape metal asa career.

In Year 10, Nicole completed work experience which validated the career path she wanted to pursue. On completing Year 10 she applied for an apprenticeship and was accepted.

Despite being in a male dominanted industry, Nicole finished her first year as the top apprentice at both TAFE and her employer.

Nicole is currently employed as the Facilities and Maintenance Cordinator at Hofmann Engineering Bendigo.

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