Rebekah’s sporting passion

For as long as she can remember Rebekah Drake has been passionate about sport.

From a young age, she played a number of sports including netball, basketball and athletics.

As Rebekah grew older, she started to develop a passion for leadership and coaching – resulting in the 20-year-old undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship with Gforce Employment Solutions, completing a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation.

“One of my coaches spent hours preparing for our training sessions, and was not only there for us in the sporting sense but also socially,” Rebekah said.

“The passion my coaches showed towards teaching us and supporting us was inspirational – that’s why I chose to become a coach too.”

The Geelong resident has already started coaching girls’ basketball and football teams and hopes to take on extra leadership roles.

In 2012, Rebekah was nominated to be president of the Young Vinnies Group in Geelong, a group of young adults who volunteer for the St Vincent de Paul Society. Along with the Young Vinnies group, Rebekah dedicated time to Crossroads; a pilgrimage aiming to help out in a remote Northern Territory Indigenous community.

Rebekah was also one of the 21 Australian Apprentices that attended Group Training Australia’s Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders program in Canberra. Watch her podcast here.

Rebekah’s goals are to help create strong leaders in amateur sports – like her coaches when she was young – and to create a better culture within sporting clubs.

“The goals I have aren’t the type that will happen overnight, it may even take years, but now, thanks to my Australian Apprenticeship, I can see how to build up the importance of sport in people’s lives and how it affects them,” Rebekah said.

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