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Your first point of contact for issues regarding an Australian Apprenticeship is your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (Apprenticeship Network) provider. Your Apprenticeship Network provider offers free personalised support to apprentices and employers throughout the apprenticeship. They can assist you with the Australian Apprenticeship Incentives Program and Trade Support Loans, Training Contracts, Training Plan approvals and completion sign offs.

Your Apprenticeship Network provider will be able to assist you to identify your next point of contact if they are unable to resolve your problem.

Your Australian Apprentice

You can expect your Australian Apprentice to:

  • turn up to work
  • not cause damage to your business
  • follow instructions
  • participate in necessary training both on and off-the-job.

If you have concerns about your Australian Apprentice's performance at work or study, it is usually best to communicate these concerns directly to them. Your Apprenticeship Network provider can offer advice about the right course of action.

The Registered Training Organisation

The Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is responsible to their customers and to the government. If the RTO is not delivering satisfactory off-the-job training to your Australian Apprentice you should contact your local Apprenticeship Network provider for advice and inform your State or Territory Training Authority (STA).

Your business

If your business is slow, you may need to reduce your Australian Apprentice's working hours until business picks up again. You may need approval from your State Training Authority before you can reduce your Australian Apprentice’s hours.

If you are considering closing or selling your business, the Australian Apprenticeship can be suspended or assigned to the new owner of the business if they agree to continue the training.

You must advise your State Training Authority of your intentions as soon as possible by contacting your Apprenticeship Network provider.

Wages, working conditions and incentives

You can inquire about wages, awards and working conditions through your State or Territory Training Authority or the Fair Work Ombudsman.