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Group Training Organisation National Standards

The National Standards for Group Training Organisations (and Evidence Guide) promote national consistency and quality for Group Training.

All registered Group Training Organisations (GTOs) are listed on the National Register. They must adhere to the National Standards.

State or Territory Training Authorities (STAs) are responsible for registering GTOs in their jurisdictions. They also check their compliance with the National Standards.

GTOs must follow the National Standards to maintain their registration. For more information, or to register as a GTO, please contact your STA.

Registered GTOs may get Australian Government and state and territory funding. For more information about state and territory funding, contact your STA.

If GTOs wish to operate in another state or territory, they will need to seek approval from the relevant STA.

The Group Training Organisation Logo

Registered GTOs may use the Group Training logo as a mark of quality. It promotes and certifies GTOs that meet the National Standards and are registered with a STA.

Continued use of the logo requires successful audits, conducted by STAs against the National Standards.

If a GTO is de-registered they must stop using the logo. It is an offence for an unrecognised or de-registered GTO to use the logo.

For more information read The Group Training Logo - Specifications and Guidelines for Use.